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Zhenjiang Dadong Pulp &Paper Co., Ltd. DCS system

Publish Date:2012-01-30
  1. Project summary

The project concerns with two boilers – one turbine common header generator set, DCS main and common control system and lime stone system at the power plant of Zhenjiang Dadong Pulp &Paper Co., Ltd. The system uses ABB AC800F type DCS and S800 I/O as the distribution process I/O station to connect the local data and communicate with the main station by Profibus.

  1. Project features

The project function covers the MCS, SCS and FSSS of the plant.

The project follows strictly to the plant DCS project development process

Requirement analysis – design description - logic description – logic diagram – programming - factory commissioning – local debugging


Figure 1 Boiler combustion system

Figure 2 Boiler protection system