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Shuyang ITAD household waste treatment center integrated automated system

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project background

Shuyang ITAD household waste treatment center is a large environment facility with intensive and high integrated techniques. To meet the requirement to urban household waste modern integrated treatment and the treatment center scientific management, in the processing design, philosophy and technology about multi-points processing control and automated production line system control have been widely used. The treatment center central control system is the central nervous system of the plant. It not only controls and monitors all the equipment running within the plant, but also automatically collects and stores large amount of processing data for analysis and process. The treatment center central control system uses industrial Ethernet, PLC workstations and many process control sensors and other digital informationlized technologies, to accomplish the optimized production process control, reasonable production scheduling and reliable product quality.

Period of the project

July, 2008 – March, 2009

System structure

Central control system

1 suit of engineer station (SIEMENS STEP7 implemented), 5 suits of remote operator stations (kingview implemented), 1 suit of data server and 1 suit of radio control console.

Network system

10 suits of MOXA industrial fiber switches and 2 suits of MOXA industrial-level switches

Local control system

6 suits of PLC control cabinet (SIEMENS 300 series PLC), 2 suits of PLC consoles (SIEMES 200 series PLC), 12 suits of local operator stations (kingview software) and 4 suits of local four - wire system instrument configured power cabinet (Schneider low-voltage power distribution product)

Main screen control system

8 LCD matching monitor, 1 video controller, 1 video matrix, 1 VGA matrix and 1suit of LED screen

Video monitoring system

Plant monitoring system (35 monitoring points) and safety monitoring system (10 monitoring points), Haikang hard disk recorder is used

Audio broadcast system

Production region (12 circuits) and green area outside of the plant (South region and north region)

Local bridge and pipe network

Weak electricity bridge and video broadcast branch pipes

Traffic system

2 suits of traffic light and road brakes respectively


Network topology