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Zhejiang Cixi polyester DCS system

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project background

Zhejiang Cixi Zhenbang Co., Ltd polyester device project is invested by Zhejiang Cixi Zhenbang Co., Ltd and designed by China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute. The control system is responsible by Hi-TECH for the product supply and implement. The FOXBORO intelligenct automated series I/A distributed control system. I/O points achieves 1400 totally


Network integration product

Foxboro I/A DCS system

  1. Fault-tolerant control processor
  2. IO module: FBM IO system
  3. DCS software: Foxboro I/A series software
  4. Foxboro server: AW51D apply/operate station processor
  5. Foxboro workstation: Sun workstation