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150000t/year ionic membrane caustic soda DCS system

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project introduction

Project background

Shanghai Tianyuan Group Huasheng Chemical Co.,Ltd. locates in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park at Caojing, Shanghai. The first period of the project includes a suit of bipolar ion-exchange membrane caustic soda equipment for 360000t/year sodium hydroxide production and 1 suit of Oxychlorination equipment for 360000t/year dichloroethane production. The project provides chlorine and sodium hydroxide to equipment of MDI, TDI and PC etc. and produces dichloroethane using the byproduct hydrogen chloride from MDI and TDI. Since ran 1 year before, the company has become very competitive in the industry region product link. Meanwhile, the company has constructed a basic integration framework on the basis of real-time database and provides a convenient and effective information platform to production and management.


To meet the increasing requirement to liquid chlorine and sodium hydroxide in the Chemical Park, the company decided to extend bipolar ion-exchange membrane caustic soda equipment with production of 150000t/year, abbreviated as sodium hydroxide second period project. The new project is another key project in the cycling economic link. The main plant locates at north to the Block C2, including units of secondary brine, rectification transformer, electrolysis, dechlorination for diluted brine, chlorine gas treatment, chlorine compress, chlorine liquefaction, hydrogen treatment, hydrogen compress and alkali evaporate etc. so a DCS system is needed to be configured with the features of advanced and reliable design, compact structure, completely meet the requirement to device monitoring and operation management. PI real-time database interface is also required to transmit the monitoring information collected by DCS system to existing integration system of management and control


Time period of the project

2007.12 – 2008.10

System structure

  1. 5 operation station (HIS), which can diagnose the running status of network devices, maintain the data, monitor and process the data. 2 of them are dual-LCD monitor operation station
  2. 1 engineer station (EWS/HIS), the hardware configuration is on the list, which can carry out the configuration, maintenance and program install for the system, and also to be an OPC server . OPC interface is provided.
  3. 1 PRM, which can manage the local bus device FF and HART online
  4. 1 off-line configured workstation
  5. 1 A4 grayscale laser printer, which is responsible for processing sections report printing and log alarm
  6. 1A3 color jet printer, which is responsible for processing sections report printing and log alarm
  7. All the devices are provided with operation console
  8. Vnet connects all the operation stations and engineer stations
  9. 3 backup operation console
  10. 2 auxiliary operation console, one of the console has respectively 10 alarm indicators and buttons