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Wuxi Coking&Chemical Co., Ltd MES system

Publish Date:2012-01-30

The project aims for the level 2 data network system (MES) of Wuxi Coking&Chemical Co., Ltd south-north industry transfer coking relocation project. Local workshops construct HSM industrial Ethernet Ring net, connects with data center in heart structure. The data center uses Fault-tolerant server constructing a mass amount of historical database center. HP high performance servers construct the equipment manage server and WEB publishing server. The data is published by the office network constructed by H3C network finally.

Data monitoring network system is quite important for the safely and stable running of a company. The system integrates production data and equipment status information of workshops, performs the monitoring, analysis and judging to the workshops from the plant management viewpoint, and then makes the decision to guide the running. The system carries out the optimization, management for the production distribution and dynamic load optimized configuration to acquire the best safety and profits.

Main function of the data monitoring network system

Monitor and guide the production in workshops

Reduce the loss of the company

Scientifically distribute the production load

Reduce the cost and rise the profit

Integration of the management and control