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Maanshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd Port Liability raw materials main factory ship unloader AFE

Publish Date:2012-01-30
  1. Summary

Maanshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd is one of the largest Steel Union Company in China. As the largest industrial company in Anhui, it locates in the Yangtze River foreshore, with a superior location and convenient traffic. The Port Liability raw materials main factory has two large terminals near the shore of Yangtze River. 14 ship unloader was installed at the terminals in the early 2006, six of which are older and high energy cost because that the old inverter can only be stopped in dynamic braking way. Maanshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd is a high energy-consuming company and needs the energy-saving and ejection-decreasing very soon.

The AFE device produced by Renewable Power Company is used to recycle the energy during the inverter dynamic braking.

The energy-saving test shows that, each unloader can save power energy over 150000 degree/year after the AFE installation on the lifting and switching mechanisms of the unloader. The reconstruction of 6 unloader totally reduces energy cost of 900000 degree/year, which means a big economic profit.