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Xianning Union Water pipe network production scheduling system

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project introduction

Project background

Xianning Union Water Co., Ltd owns 4 water factories of Panjiawan, Baota, Wenquan and Fushan. The water supply capacity is 160 thousand ton per day, including that 100000t/day of Panwan water factory (using Changjiang River as the water source), 40000t/day of Fushan water factory and 20000t/day of Wenquan water factory (usig Ganhe river as the water resource). Water supply pipe network lays with DN100mm over 209km. Water supply service covers Xianning downtown, Xianan district and Development Zone. Water supply covers 99% area.

The object of the project is to accomplish the monitoring to the running status of the whole Xianning Union Water owned water factories, pump stations and pressure points at water supply networks, and meet the requirement of the industry and citizens to the water.


Network topology