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Pudong Weiliya pump station and water plant automation system

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project introduction

Project background

Pudong Weiliya water Co., Ltd is the first joint-venture regional water company integrating the water making, distribution and sales in China. The water supply region covers the city to the east of Huangpu River and inner Outer Ring, Pudong international airport with part of its peripheral areas and Chenxing of Minxing district. The served area is about 320km2, with the population of 1470000. The water plant production capacity achieves 1270000m3/day. The plant consists of 6 sub-factories such as Lingqiao, Jujiaqiao, Lujiazui, Yangsi, Zhoujiadu and Linjiang.

Time period of the project and the scale

Pudong Weiliya pump station automation project was formally signed in June, 2004. Shanghai Hi-TECH control system Co., Ltd is chosen as the responsible for the automation, which includes the product supply and deploy of the automation system. The project covers automation system improvement and reconstruction of 7 pump stations and 5 water plant pump rooms belong to Pudong Weiliya water Co., Ltd.

System structure

The whole system consists of 2 parts - local and control center

  1. The local system is installed at the water plant and pump station, which consists of Schneider Premium TSX57 series PLC, Intouch monitoring software and Hirschmann Mice series industrial-level card-track fiber switches. PLC communicates with Intouch operator stations by Ethernet. The UPS cabinet is installed locally as the backup power for PLC if normal power supply not available.
  2. Control center has 7 operators station and 2 redundancy data server and 1 DLP large-size screen. The control center of Jinqiao Weiliya head office communicates with local SCADA system by fiber and wireless communication system.

Network topology


System function

The control mode includes local, local manual (local SCADA), remote manual (central SCADA) and auto run. The four control modes ensure that local equipment are able to be controlled safely and conveniently.

  1. Auto run mode is to use advanced control technique, automatically start-stop the local equipment according to preset conditions of the water flow and the outlet pressure, which achieves the advanced unattended management and saves labor resources.
  2. Remote manual control is able to ensure the supervisor at control center remotely monitor and control the local equipment and make the decision at the first time if fault occurs locally.