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Jiangyin Chengxing Shizhuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. – chemical water treatment DCS system

Publish Date:2012-01-30
  1. Project summary

The project locates at Jiangyin Chengxing Shizhuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd., extending on the basis of the chemical water treatment workshop of Shizhuang Thermal Power factory. Relevant system is reconstructed to meet the production requirement of neighbored Hanbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.


Shizhuang Thermal Power factory owns 4 suits of 160t/h atmospheric press bed C. C. R. cation and anion exchanger and 3 suits of mixed bed exchanger. All of them are manually controlled. It is planned to add new 3 suits of cation and anion exchangers and 2 suits of mixed bed exchangers with the same type and capacity and aerodynamic program control. Moreover, 2 poly tanks are added for repairing.


Constructed chemical water treatment system consists of 7 suits of cation exchanger, 7 suits of anion exchanger, 5 mixed bed exchanger, chemical addition system,  demineralized water system, air compressor system and water supply system.

DCS con troll system achieves that “one press start-up, one press refresh”

  1. Project configuration

I.O points: 1200

DCS system: 2 suits of independent HT5000 redundancy system

Upper computer: 4 suits of peer to peer PC control host

  1. HT 5000 summary

HT 5000 distributed system uses 3 layer as follows: MNet, SNet and CNet. CNet connects function module together. Snet adopts the industrial Ethernet which can connect multi control stations or operator/engineer stations and to MIS/ERP by MNet.

HT 5000 distributed system control station hardware includes control module, communication module, power supply module, I/O module, server cabinet and the attachments. Control station scale - AIO:512; DIO:1024; system supports 32 control station, and the system scale achieves AIO:16384 or DIO: 32768

  1. Project snapshot