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Indonesia CILACAP power plant Supervisory Information System in Plant Level (SIS)

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project introduction

Project background

1# and 2# generator set of Indonesia Central Java Province 2x300MW coal-fired power plant project are EPC project received by China Chengda engineering company. The project contract value achieves 510 million dollar as the largest project of China in Indonesia, which is brought into service in October 2006.

Supervisory Information System in Plant Level (SIS) is a factory level monitoring information system, which is located between the power plant Distributed Control System (DCS) with relevant auxiliary program control system and Manage Information System (MIS) as an important part of digitalized power plant. SIS is able to provide real and reliable production real-time and historical data to the decision maker of the power plant as the scientific and accurate product economic index needed by a marketization power company. SIS mainly targets to the real-time data processing, production process monitoring and management, fault diagnosis and analysis, performance calculation, analysis and production scheduling. The data managed by SIS mostly concerns with the production cost and price information. From the viewpoint of management, SIS provide real and important field real-time data to ensure the safety and stable of power plant, control the cost and increase the company production, as well as store the amount of historical data of company production high-effectively and accurately. The historical data logged and managed will become the precious resource for company security and Economical Running.


System structure

Generator DCS system with auxiliary system connects to HIRSCHMANN RS2-TX switch by interface computer, where OPC Server is installed as the data acquisition interface on the control layer and SIS layer. The OPC Server of DCS is provided by DCS supplier, while the OPC Server of auxiliary system is supplied by us for free.

Interface computer, database server and applied engineering station enjoy private 100M passage to connect with RS2-TX.

Firewall is designed between the SIS switch layer and MIS layer to ensure the safety of SIS

Network topology